What Activities can you do in the San Juan Islands

San Juan OrcasWhether you are visiting the San Juan Islands to visit friends, make family memories, sell house fast to find some solitude and tranquility or attend a wedding you must enjoy all the time you can on a boat. Using a boat is a great way to see the islands and relax. Some activities you can enjoy while boating are:

Whale and Wildlife Watching

There are so my possibilities to see wildlife in the islands. Seeing an Orca in the wild is one of those unforgettable experiences that you will remember forever. Most of the whales seen on the islands are typically seen during mid-April to early October but some are seen all year. There are so many different whale watching tours to pick from. On your tour you may not just see Orcas but other whales species including Gray, Minke and Humpback. You may also see seals, otters, sea lions, porpoises, bald eagles, and other seabirds.


While your visiting the islands you may also want to spend some time fishing. Enjoy fishing for Salmon, Cod, Dungeness crab and many more. Spend a nice day on the water relaxing with friends and fishing, then prepare what you catch for the perfect meal.


Many people visit the San Juan islands because of the interesting topography it offers for photographs.  Taking pictures on and around the islands can really yield some memorable photos for you to enjoy for years to come. You can capture images of wildlife in their natural habitat, breathtaking views of the ocean, and the rocky coastline. In fact, many couples decide that the islands are the ideal destination for the perfect wedding. The lush green islands, tall trees, mountain views, and sweeping views of the ocean provide a background like no other. Often times a couple will hire a Seattle wedding photographer just for the occasion. Regardless of the type of photos you take and if taking pictures is a hobby or your profession the San Juan islands are a great destination to add to your list for boating and photography.