Why the San Juan Islands are Perfect for you Wedding

If I was do my wedding over again I would get married on the San Juan Islands. This is because I am a passionate lover of water and the islands. Many years ago I attended my aunts wedding on her sailboat outside of Friday Harbor and it was a magical, unique experience. It consisted of her close friend as the officiant, a Maid of Honor, myself who filled many roles and of course their dog who was the flower girl. Now not everyone wants to get married on their boat, but seeing her walk down the dock and then sail into the sunset as she said her vows was an incredible experience. Whether your looking for an unique wedding with just a few close friends on your beloved sailboat or a larger engagement that you imagined since you were little with the perfect cake, flowers, and an amazing view, the San Juan islands are the best destination for your wedding. The views are unforgettable and your guests will no doubt leave with a vivid memory of how wonderful the wedding was.

If you are shortly going to be getting married and are considering the San Juan islands first decide how big your wedding is going to be and if your going to have a theme and then you can search for the best venue on the islands. After you find the venue that fits your needs then you can figure out the food, flowers, decorations, and all of the other details. One of the most important decisions on your wedding day is the photography. It is one of the most important because the images you capture on your special day will remain for years to come while the food, party favors, and other decorations will be forgotten in time. There are so many great photographers in the area, however many couples will look outside of the islands to find one that is best for them. Many couples will hire a Seattle wedding photographer to have them be apart of the wedding day. Others will make sure their pastor uses the family study Bible as a special touch.¬†Make this day not only one you remember but your friends and family cherish as well. Have it in a place you can come back to celebrate anniversaries to come whether you hang out at the quaint harbors, enjoy whale watching, boating or just relax.¬† The San Juan’s islands has it all.